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If you share this flyer AND make an order this week, you’ll have a chance to win a test pressing of The Exploration, Matt Pless, Of Us Giants, or Human Kitten!

Sale lasts though 4/20

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Obama is not a Kenyan citizen implementing irrational laws, you’re thinking of Jesus, 2014

acrylic on cardboard

∂∂ ∂∂

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Title: Title Track Artist: Death Cab For Cutie 2,467 plays

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We just got the second run of “We Could Stand Here, Silent and Still” tapes from Baby Teeth Tapes! Go pick on up! 


Also, we finished recording three new songs today!

Two are for an EP that we will be announcing very soon.

The other song is for whatever you want it to be for haha. We don’t have any plans for that one yet.  

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The films of Wes Anderson

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Tonight!!! We’re playing some new songs!!

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