I just added my copies of the Things Fall Apart / Tall Ships Set Sail / Infro / Shizune 4 way split 12” to my storenvy. I only have a few copies of the blue/pink records so hop on that shit. 
Also, the graves. merch is on sale right now! Tapes are $2 Shirts are between $5-10 and the split 7” is $5. 
I’ll be announcing two more releases in the coming weeks!

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I feel weird if I don’t use Neil Patrick Harris’ full name

#same with Robert Downey Jr

and Joseph Gordon Levitt

and Esteban Julio Ricardo Montoya de la Rosa Ramírez

Lets be honest, you even know people that you call their full name like that. I do at least. 

I called Rc by his full name for years before I just saying Ryan haha
I still don’t call Rego Chris


So we’re going to ask you a few questions for your dating profile, alright?


9/4 at ace of cups!! Come hang!!


Stream Code Orange’s Album, "I Am King" In Full

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The Adventures / Pity Sex splits are real. Song premieres and pre-orders soon! 🎧


Tattoos in my room, 
Haikus read by you, 
Are some of the best parts. 
Bend like a reed in the wind. 
Be the slow blade. 
Wear out those drawings on the plans of your feet. 
Better to recount than regret. 
When we leave we’ll keep your company. 
Coast to coast is what I remember most. 
Clean yourself off and sink in the ocean. 
What a great way to take a vacation.

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By Josh LN

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